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Bikes for Boys

Bikes for Boys


Support our Bikes for Boys campaign by donating your old bicycle and gear and help us to teach a dad-less boy how to ride a bike. Go to our "wish list" section for detailed information.

What we do


To achieve our goals, we focus on long-term mentoring and relationship building, instilling 5 specific values - courage, kindness, self-discipline, honesty and respect. We primarily work with young boys between the ages of 5 and 10 as an intake age, but our long-term mentorship approach means that we will continue to be part of their lives throughout their school career and beyond.

  • We have weekly activities for age similar groups of no more than 5 boys at a time.
  • We have weekend activities where all the groups and sometimes families come together.
  • We have various camps throughout the year.
  • We provide a support structure for single mothers.
  • We advocate for the better treatment of women and children.
  • We run long term mentorship programmes for young boys with absent fathers.

Our five values


The Character Company's goal is to change our current culture of violence and abuse though an initiative for boys helping them to grow into good men by instilling honorable values.

The ultimate goal is to help a young boy to become a man who's life is guided by the following

Each week we discuss these 5 Biblical values with every boy in the programme. We talk about them, what they mean and then we look at practical ways to make it part of our lives

  • be Respectful;
  • be Honest;
  • practise Self Discipline;
  • have Courage;
  • be Kind.

We believe that each boy should know the 5 values, understand what they mean, understand how to practically apply them to his life and most importantly know that without Jesus is it impossible to do this
- Jaco van Schalkwyk


Who we are


Jaco van Schalkwyk

Jaco van Schalkwyk - Dad/Founder/Director

After starting his career in the financial and then corporate fields, Jaco moved into the NGO sector in 2001. Jaco spent the majority of that time managing a non profit in Lanseria where he experienced the impact of absent fathers on a daily basis.

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Penny Marsh

Penny Marsh - Founder/Director

Penny is a Johannesburger born and raised, educated at Kingsmead College. She has a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Cape Town but returned to Jo'burg, where she has lived ever since. Penny is married with two sons and two grandsons.

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Johann Combrink

Johann Combrink - Director

Johann is a family man with two boys. William (8) and Jason (6) are his pride and joy and he is also challenged to develop good values in them. His main passions are around assisting men to be better men and outdoor life.

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Thandeka Ngoma

Thandeka Ngoma - Director

Thandeka is a wife and mother to 2 princesses. Her number one priority is supporting her husband and giving a good foundation to her kids to one day be independent, strong, God fearing women.

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Loraine van Schalkwyk

Loraine van Schalkwyk - Social Worker

Loraine van Schalkwyk grew up in Klerksdorp and studied at the University of Potchefstroom to become a Social Worker. She has been practicing as Social worker/Treatment professional since 1995.

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Francois Joubert

Francois Joubert - MENtor

Francois Joubert is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, business strategist, husband, and father. He is married to Yvette and they have two beautiful girls.

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Shaun Barnes

Shaun Barnes - MENtor

Shaun Barns was born and raised on a family-owned Vine Nursery and Wine Estate and grew up to value family and the impact of that support structure in his life.

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Willie Sapsford

Willie Sapsford - MENtor

Willie Sapsford was born and grew up in Bloemfontein. He matriculated in 2007 and completed his B.Sc. Quantity Surveying degree and honours in 2011 at the University of the Free State.

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Michael Moore

Michael Moore - MENtor

"Uncle Michael" is one of our trusted MENtors with a heart of gold, an industrial designer by trade and a caring animal lover and advocate for The Charcter Company by heart.

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Be strong, be courageous
No one has ever become poor by giving.

~ Anne Frank

Contact us


Jaco v Schalkwyk - Founder / Director
Tel: +27 84 777 7114

Penny Marsh - Founder / Director
Tel: +27 82 890 8800 / Fax: +27 86 404 2042

Loraine van Schalkwyk
072 148 8702

Willie Sapsford
082 926 1729

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